Buffalo Chicken Pizza Like The Pizzeria’s

buffalo chicken pizza

If you like buffalo chicken pizza sit tight, you’re going to love this post! In all the years of being in the business this particular pizza has taken “the millennials” and forced us to keep up with the changing times. To be honest I do like the pizza a great deal. It’s packed with all white meat breast wholesome mozzarella cheese and freshly baked bread.

Buffalo Chicken pizza
Buffalo Chicken pizza

All your food groups represented in a quick meal on the go. For me a power meal! For the money you cant get a better bang for the buck. Especially if you compare it to other fast foods. You can taste the quality! This I will guarantee.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Step by Step

To get this right it really is just all labor. If it’s a labor of love you’re half way there. We like the Mount Aire cutlets black label. A tier above the blue. Quality once again is never spared. You will need to fillet the cutlets into small workable uniform pieces. This will ensure your product cooks evenly and is never dry. Based on how much you would like to prepare is all subjective to your needs. This can last a week in the right conditions. Stored below 42 degrees is essential to maximizing shelf life.

Buffalo Chicken pizza Step By Step

Once you have determined the amount of buffalo chicken pizza you will be needing to prepare the rest is at this point is all downhill. Again, the processing of the chicken from cutlets into little dime size cubes is the majority of this endeavor.

buffalo chicken pizza raw and cubed up for frying
Raw buffalo chicken

The smaller pieces make it much easier for the pie to cook properly and spread more evenly. This is key to consistency with your product. In addition cutlets are 3 times higher this year as they where last year, At least here in good ole New York! So It makes sense to keep your eye on your bottom line. These tips will help you later. Even if you’re looking to try this at home with the kids, this is all relevant.

I would advice you do all the prep work a day in advance, as it will need adequate time to cool prior to use. We like a 24 inch pizza. Yes! I said 24 inch. Big New York Slices. Everything you see in the display case is a 24 inch pie on this website. Just an FYI. This could work beautifully as a project with the kids if you where to use a Boboli crust or a tortilla crust.

Ready made crust so all you and the kids have to do is preheat the oven and add some cheese. I [personally would go the extra mile and preheat a stone for an hour and use a conventional dough, These are only options to help those that may be pressed for time.

Next Step in The Buffalo Chicken Like the Pizzerias

Once your chicken is cut cubed and ready, you will have to create a flour bath for these pieces to drenched in. To this you can add paprika and some cayenne pepper. This is all based on how hot you like it. A sprinkle to change the flour from white to pink.

buffalo chicken pizza in flour ready for frying

Once you have seasoned the flour, over a garbage can using a strainer remove all the excess flour prior to frying your little bits of chicken. This will prevent your oil from burning up to quickly or any overflow out of the fryer.

buffalo chicken pizza fried and ready for hot sauce

Final Steps in Buffalo Chicken Pizza

At this point you will need enough franks red hot in a frying pan to submerge the chicken. To this we add half and half cream. about 20 percent of whatever quantity you choose will be the right ratio. Meaning, 1/5 cream. This will allow the chicken to have a little bite without it being to spicy. We make a mild buffalo chicken pizza which seems to appeal to the masses. Most of which will always ask for a side of ranch for dipping. Some however will ask foe bleu cheese ironically.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Like The Pizzeria's 1

At this point once you have migrated to chicken with the sauce allow it to cook for 5 minutes on a medium heat and remove from the flame. Now, allow it to cool completely! Once it’s safe for refrigeration you’re all done.

buffalo chicken pizza 24 inch

This image is for illustrational purposes only to give you a feel for how much is to much. So you have a bearing of what it would look like before you cover it with cheese, To this you will add your mozzarella cheese and enjoy your buffalo chicken pizza.

Tips for making Buffalo Chicken Pizza

  • Prepare everything early
  • Allow a day before use
  • Use sharp knives
  • Preheat fryer to 375 degrees
  • Remove all excess flour
  • Make certain your chicken is completely cooled prior to refrigeration
  • If the chicken has any smell at all it wont keep for long (Use only Fresh Chicken)
  • Heavy Cream can be used a substitute to half and half
  • Use airtight plastic Tupperware for storage