How Much Pizza Should I Order? We Made It Easy

how much pizza should i order peperoni pizza

How Much Pizza Should I Order? Your Complete Guide to Pizza Portions It’s 6:30 pm. You just got home from work, and you’re starving. You look in the fridge, and nothing is grabbing your attention. You take a moment to consider schlepping to the grocery store, but then you give in to your hunger. It’s […]

What is Brooklyn Style Pizza?

what is Brooklyn Pizza Brooklyn Bridge

One of the wonderful things about pizza is the infinite variety. From Naples to Tokyo, seemingly every region has its own type of pizza. Whether you want an authentic Sicilian-style pizza or a more modern pinwheel, there is so much to choose from.  One variety that is a favorite for pizza aficionados is Brooklyn-style pizza. So, what is […]

What Is Pepperoni Made Of?

what is peperoni made of peperoni on pizza

What is peperoni made of? And everything you would ever want to know about making peperoni! Pepperoni is a much-loved ingredient by pizza enthusiasts around the world. This spicy, tangy sausage is the perfect complement to pizza both in flavor and in aesthetics. It is impossible to imagine American pizza without it. What is pepperoni […]