Fresca Pizza Step By Step

Fresca Pizza Step By Step 1

Fresca Pizza is probably one of the most flavorful vegetarian slices i have ever made served or eaten.

It is a wonderful arrangement of zucchini, sauteed mushrooms, in a white wine and garlic.

Red onions topped with tomatoes and  Grande Mozzarella.

In This post we will go over everything you need to know about Fresca pizza step by step!

Fresca Pizza 

The very canvas to begin this array of deliciousness begins with the crust.

It’s what we call in the pizza world a “Thin Crust Sicilian” I would strongly recommend getting an actual Sicilian tray!

I will link to the one i would use here.

They do come in various sizes however, what important is that it’s a dense heavy tray.

This makes all the difference in the final product.

To begin you’re gonna wanna take a dough and stretch it out.

Be certain to add olive oil to the pan first.

Then add the dough to some flour and push it out evenly. 

About half way. Meaning roll it out with a pin, or hand stretch it. 

Leave it to proof in your oven at home or in a second pizza oven you have that’s currently not being used. 

This allow’s the cold dough to soften. Making it much more manageable to stretch and contour to the pan!     

Once 10 minutes have passed grab the tray and stretch the dough. You want to be certain its being done evenly! 

Push the dough to the ends and all the way up the sides. Creating that corner crust.

 The video above i created to demonstrate the technique. It is a Sicilian crust. Twice the size, however it’s done exactly the same for both! 

Poke holes with a fork once you are done. A fair amount to be certain while half cooking no huge bubbles are created.

Lastly add a light glaze of your marinara sauce, pizza sauce, dinner sauce. Cover the entire Sicilian. Which sauce is entirely to your liking.

Back to proofing! Now leave it to proof till it doubles in size. Generally in the winter allow 45 minutes to an hour. In the summer months 30 minutes works well. 

While that proofs, you can knock out the prep involved.

Fresca Pizza Step by Step

You’re definitely going to need to do some prep work in advance.

Generally i start with sauteing the mushroom’s in some fresh garlic season with salt and pepper and hit it with a shot of white wine.

Next the tomatoes! Find some tomatoes of your choice and cube them up. Be certain to use a sharp knife for a clean cut.

For an 8 cut, 3 tomatoes that are 5 by 6 are enough.

Next, Grab yourself 2 zucchinis and slice them up.

Not to thin, you want them to hold up after throwing them in the deep fryer.

Toss them in the deep fryer until they begin to turn a light brown.

By now your pizza dough should be ready to half cook.


If you’re in a pizzeria or at home 500 degrees works well. To get a nice overall crust that pan is Vidal.

Fresca pizza step by step half cooked crust



Pull it out once the edges are a light brown.

Be certain not to overcook.

As you will end up with a very crispy outcome! Once your dough is prepared and ready to go, now comes the fun part!

Begin with laying your seasoned zucchini on your pre made  crust!

Fresca Pizza step by step adding Zucchini

About 8 ounces of your sauce of choice should be plenty.

Fresca Pizza Recipe

The entire process going forward is about layering. Begin with the zucchini. An even layer with spaces and gaps in between.

Essentially you are sizing the individual slices in advance.

Everything should be uniform and spread evenly.

Next are the sauteed mushrooms.


You can use canned, baby bellas, portabellas, shiitakes really depends on your preference.

I personally like the baby bellas and the canned.

I have also done a mix with all 4. Really packed a punch with flavor.



Fresca pizza step by step adding onion

I like to mince them small and only add about a teaspoon to each slice.

A little less is generally more. Raw onions can be a bit much.

However, feel free to brown them if you’re not into the raw.

Your’e chopped tomatoes are next!

I like to grab a handful and place it over the top, of each individual slice.

Keep the tomatoes in a pyramid shape becoming less as you’re layering the ingredients, going up!

Once completed some extra  virgin olive oil. A light drizzle over the tomatoes.

Fresca pizza step by step adding tomatoes

What Kind of Cheese for Pizza?

Lastly the mozzarella cheese. Yes, i am a big advocate of Grande Mozzarella. Whole milk and part skim blend. 

If you’re at your local shop rite Winn Dixie or Wal Mart. I have used Sorrento whole milk in the past. It will work for a quick fix.

I wouldn’t buy pre shredded.

It tends to dry up faster and is not a creamy. Shred your own if you can. Definitely worth the extra effort! If you’re a good customer at your local pizzeria, just ask. Ask if they would sell you a couple of pounds. There a better chance then not, that they will. 

Now i like to add dried oregano.

Once you’ve made your crust precooked it. prepped everything and layered it properly it should look something like this!

Fresca pizza step by step before baking

Now lets bake this puppy! In a pizzeria 500 degrees works well!

I would go 425 at home. Especially if you have one of those electric ovens with a heat element on the top as well!

Once the cheese melts and the edges brown its ready! How well done you like your pizza is definitely your choice.

For the counter or if it will be reheated later i take it out on the light side.

Fresca Pizza Step By Step Completed

Hope you guys enjoy this Fresca Recipe! With 35 years and counting of experience this pie has stood the test of time! 

fresca pizza step by step in a display case