How Much to Tip a Delivery Driver? The Essential Guide

How Much to Tip a Delivery Driver? The Essential Guide 1

At one point or the other, you must have wondered, “how much should I tip?”. No need to worry, because we are here to solve this confusion. We understand that tipping a delivery guy is not always simple, sometimes you might have an awful experience or just not received the desired product. To comprehend the tipping process, one must know the answer to How Much to Tip a Delivery Driver or even why should I tip?

How much to tip a delivery driver pizza delivery driver

Why Tipping Is Must

We got to pay the delivery lads some respect! I mean they are hitting the streets when our lazy asses can’t get off the couch. The primary source of income for the food delivery drivers is by earning more tips. They are paid a minimum wage or less. Sometimes they even have to pay the difference if their tip and hourly wages are not up to their minimum wage. I know, it ain’t fair.

But to amend it up some of the restaurants now charge a delivery fee, depending on the location of the food delivered to safeguard the drivers from paying through their pockets. But if the delivery guy is getting the minimum wage including tips and hourly rates, then they do not get any delivery fee. Sometimes the drivers are given commissions for each delivery to carry out few expenses like the cost of gas or using the vehicle. But that depends from company to company. The worst-case scenarios are when the drivers have to pay for the gas, insurance, wear and tear on their cars, and their customized uniform.

You tip the waiter when you are enjoying yourself in a restaurant, right? Then why even consider tipping as optional? Delivery drivers are our personal mobile-waiters. Now you must know why your tips make a huge difference to the driver.

How Much to Tip a Delivery Driver

Of course, tipping is a kind gesture. But it can also be awkward when the delivery guy is at your doorstep and you are still thinking how much to tip. Sheesh! Let’s help you avoid this situation.

Below are the tips we recommend for a delivery driver:

  • A 15% tip is considered the most basic yet recommended tip. So, you can always go for 15% in slight confusion.
  • Sometimes, you may have a bad experience getting the delivery, there a tip of 10% or below is considered mediocre.
  • We’ve all experienced some of the best, fastest, and intact deliveries which definitely calls for appreciation. We recommend a 20% tip and above for exceptions like these.
  • A $100+ orders call for at least a 10% tip, less than that would be kind of rude.
  • For small orders under $20, a $3 tip should be minimum.

PS– Unless the delivery guy does not show up, a minimum of 10% must be paid as a tip. It’s something out of generousity and something they deserve. They work very hard and try to meet up to your expectations each time, and for that, they should at least get 10%. If you want to tip less than $3, just don’t do it.

You also want to make sure if the order has delivery charges. If yes, do not forget to ask whether the amount is directed to the delivery guy or not. If it does, then make sure the amount equals 15% and then tip accordingly.

Let’s Tip More

We are not saying that you should tip your delivery guy much more than the valued product but appreciation is a must. Your driver tries his/her best to go to the end of the world for you. This assembles your responsibility to reciprocate the same. You can always give the minimum tip, as we discussed earlier but at times you would want to consider tipping your delivery driver a little more. Let’s consider the following factors before making a judgment.

  • The weather is not happy-go-lucky always, it may inclement any day. Snow, heavy rainfall, hail, sleet, or any hazardous weather conditions can come in between your orders. If the driver shows up despite all the odds, tip him more!
  • Travelling more than 5 miles, and still delivering the yummy food on time again call for an extra tip.
  • The restaurants go through peak orders during a festival or an important event. The delivery driver works hard and fast to get you the food while it’s hot so that you are at your convenience.
  • Sometimes a person may have ordered in bulk for a party or something. The delivery driver would always be cautious to carry your food and still make the delivery on time.
  • When the driver gives you an excellent service by going out of his way for you, always and always tip extra

A Bad Delivery Service

Ever received a wrong order? Or the food is cold? Delivery mishaps are bound to happen; we all are humans for gods’ sake! if the service is not up to the mark or bad, obviously you get to decide whether to tip or not. But atleast try calling the restaurant/store manager and clear up the situation. Because 90% of the time, the delivery driver is not at fault. The main issue arises from the store itself; the order might be delayed or wasn’t received from the server. And that shouldn’t stop you from tipping.

In other circumstances like a wrong delivery location, despite accurate instructions, rude behavior, unacceptable gestures, or a bad attitude; you get to decide the tips. You can tip a lot less than the usual or tip nothing, but at least let them know the reason for low tips. You can write a review on the app for the same.

Always keep in mind that the delivery drivers must not be penalized under a situation that isn’t in their control.

Tipping In Cash

Tipping your delivery person through cash is always the best as it goes straight in their pockets. However, if you do not have cash in hand; you can always tip via online payment/credit card. Some of the apps like GrubHub give you an easy platform to tip online. You just have to choose your desired products and move on to check out. Make sure you choose the tipping amount for your delivery driver at the bottom of your checkout screen. You will notice the default tip would be set to 15% but you can choose it according to you.

You can also ask the driver to keep the change if the order is less than $10. If the order costs more, don’t give them those few cents. Don’t let the delivery drivers think that their labor is of no value. Tipping the drivers hard cash is the door to their instant happiness. They feel appreciated. Think how can just giving tips, can make somebody else’s day.

Can’t Afford Tipping?

Well, you may not always be financially stable to tip extra dollars to your delivery driver. But you still do not want to cook and still enjoy the warmth of your home. In that case, always go for a pick-up service. In this, you will have to pick up your desired order and take it with you. This will be a win-win situation for both of you. The driver won’t have to give the cost of gas through his own pocket, and you can finally enjoy food at your home.

You can also look for some offers, discounts or coupons in order to save the bill. Food delivery apps like GrubHum and UberEats offer some promos that you can apply while ordering your favorite meal.

Tipping during Covid-19

The pandemic hasn’t been fair to any of us. Few of us have been privileged enough to order food online at times. But the delivery drivers had to deliver food day and night without hesitation. These workers risked their all to get the best for you. And they deserve to get tipped more. You can tip them 15%-25% of your total order. Extra compensation is always helpful to anyone.

Things To Keep in Mind

Always remember the 15% or more tipping rule. A few more things that should be remembered are:

  • The delivery charges are not the same as tips, make sure to calculate the tips according to the takeout.
  • Never tip below 15% of the total order. If the order is in bulk, never hesitate to tip a little extra. Don’t tip less assuming you are giving out ‘free cash’ to the drivers.
  • Cash is always better to tip, as the money directly goes to the delivery guy. But in case, cash is not in hand, feel free to pay via other options.
  • When encountered an exceptionally bad experience always discuss the issue with the shop manager first and then you can tip a little less depending on the situation.

Always keep in mind that tips should never be optional. They pay for their own vehicles, gas, insurance, and smartphones to do complete the job. The delivery driver’s main source of income is through ‘tips’, please pay them accordingly.

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