Stromboli calzone difference?

Stromboli calzone difference? 1

What is a Calzone?

To understand the Stromboli calzone difference lets begin with the calzone. A calzone is quite simply summed up with 3 basic cheese’s. The first is Mozzarella.

The second is ricotta cheese.

The third is  pecorino romano.

It is a blend of 3 different cheeses wrapped with any toppings of choice in a pizza dough. 

The most popular is definitely ham! 

Also, Commonly known as a “Cheese Turnover” So lets get into this calzone Stromboli difference.

Stromboli calzone difference a baked calzone
New York Calzone 

Whats a Sromboli?

In pizzeria’s this can definitely vary!

However, a Stromboli coming out of a pizzeria here in “New York” contains the following. 

Ham, Salami, pepperoni, and mozzarella.

Some dinner sauce a thin layer coming out of a squirt bottle.

  A good shot of pecorino a must in my opinion. Rolled up in a pizza dough.

Some Variables are sweet Italian sausage.

  Other’s like to blend a little provolone cheese.

  Spicy ham such a capicola. Some places add a little mortadella. 

Back in Brooklyn we would add green peppers and onion in our Stromboli’s.

  You can kind of look at it as a hot Italian combo.  

Stromboli calzone difference stromboli
3 foot stromboli

Stromboli Calzone difference how to make a calzone in steps with images

We begin with stretching out the pizza dough and cutting it in 4. 

stromboli calzone difference pizza dough stretched
Stromboli calzone difference pizza dough cut in 4
Pizza Dough cut in 4 

The next step is to grab your ricotta cheese and season it! Generally we use a hint of fresh or powdered garlic.

Some fresh parsley can be added as well!

Some pecorino romano in the mix, and your’e good to go!

Keep in mind that as we’re adding toppings you want to do this after you lay out the ricotta cheese.A little tip for beginner’s! 

Now, lets add the mozzarella. A good handful for the base.  

Stromboli calzone difference building a calzone in layers adding ricotta cheese

Once you have added the mozzarella cheese evenly to your calzone add the ricotta cheese.

Usually a little less then a tablespoon is plenty. That is of course unless you prefer more.

With 35 years in,  my experience  has shown that ratio of ricotta to be correct. 

Stromboli calzone difference adding ricotta cheese to calzone
Now is the right time to add your toppings!

To finish this process we now add more cheese. Over the ricotta cheese. Should resemble a small pyramid.  

This is when you may want to add meatballs, ham, some sauce in the middle if you like. Just prior to adding your last layer of mozzarella.

Sauteed  greens for you vegetarians. Whatever you’re into.  Keep in mind we will need to close this calzone.

Any liquids going in from a saute pan or meatballs in a sauce.

Will prevent this from staying closed and make a mess in your pan or oven. Quick tip keep your edges on that dough away from any excess liquids! 

Once you have added the final layer of cheese and any toppings we now need to close this puppy!

Here a quick video on how to do that! Created a small quick video on how exactly we make dozens of these guys daily! 

Closing the calzone Keep tiny strands of cheese away from the fold

When closing try to make certain that all the cheese within the calzone stays in the calzone. 

It’s pretty easy to get the cheese in between the dough as you’re trying to get it sealed. In fact, it will always happen especially when making several.

The issue with that is that it can easily leak or bleed all over the pan or oven. Preventing that from happening will keep you from having a mess to deal with.

Cooking Your Calzone

One other thing to keep in mind is that once you have put them in the oven they will blow up. They will expand vertically.

They will grow and brown. This is normal. Once they begin to grow and brown a bit. About half way in the process remember to poke a small hole on its side, towards the top. 

This will prevent it from bursting or bleeding in the oven.

In a pizza oven directly on the slate 500 degrees is perfect.

For you guys at home wanting to give this a try i would go 400 degrees. Be certain to preheat the oven. 

A  pizza stone would be preferable. Keep in mind they need an hour to preheat It’s a small piece of slate or stone that’s exactly what’s in a commercial pizza oven. That will keep your calzone crisp and crunchy with a beautiful texture.  Resembling that of an actual pizzeria. Certainly something I would recommend.   

If you dont have that available then grab yourself a baking sheet with some parchment paper.

Set Your calzone in at 400 degrees and cook for 25 minutes or a golden brown.

Thicker baking pans are generally always better.  When it comes to calzones their a lot like pizza.

People all have their own opinions of what the perfect calzone should be.

So if you’re one who like it well done, leave it in an extra five minutes or until your desired crispness color and texture.

Be certain to have a good dinner sauce or marinara sauce ready. No calzone is complete without a side of sauce. 

Deep Fried Calzone’s are  no longer found in any pizzerias.

If you would like to try something new.

Follow the recipe provided above and make them half the size. The calzones tend to double in size in the oil. Just so you’re aware in advance, I will say, you have to try this!

Make certain they are closed completely. And drop in in clean cooking oil set to 350 degrees for 2 and a half minutes on each side.

Trust me you’ll thank me later!!! Try them with a little ham in each and have your sauce ready! Wanna make everyone around you smile? Give that a shot.

How to Make A Stromboli with images 

Stromboli as explained in this post comes in many variations. Take advantage of some of the different styles and create your own! I will demonstrate how we make a stromboli  in this post! In steps …and definitely hows it’s done here in New York!

Before Getting started you will need  the following

  • Ham (Boar’s Head on the thinner side)  10 slices
  • Hard salami (Boars’s Head preferably) 12 slices
  • Quality pepperoni (Boar’s Head) 1/4 pound
  • some dinner sauce in a squirt bottle if available 
  • provolone cheese (8 to 10 slices on the thicker side)
  • Cappy Ham if you like it spicy
  • Percorino Romano Cheese 
  • Minced onion Raw or caramelized if you like sweet onion
  • Peppers precooked flavored in a dinner sauce with olive oil  
  • Green suntan or red roasted (Your choice)
  • Sweet Italian sausage or spicy sliced in advance 
  • Mozzarella;;a Cheese about a pound (Grande or Sorrento)
  • Olive oil with a brush 

Once you have these ingredients ready,  flour up your pizza dough.

Lets not to forget to preheat the oven! 400 degrees will work. Grab your baking tray and parchment paper. Have it ready to go. 

Generously on both sides and use a rolling pin if your pizza skills are not up  to par!

You’re gonna wanna create a  rectangle!  This will be your canvas! From here we layer everything evenly and fold! 

Stromboli calzone difference creating a srromboli adding ham first

In The above photo you’re going to want to be certain your dough is stretched evenly, avoiding any thin spots. You need to make certain it cooks evenly! Begin on the lower end of the rectangle and lets layer up!

Next will be the mozzarella cheese. Be generous but,  careful not to over due it.

Here you can add your provolone Romano and a squirt of dinner sauce!

 Next we layer up with peperoni and salami! Keep in mind that you can add anything you wish as we layer up! 

Once you have added all the ingredients, now we roll the Stromboli like a bread! It’s actually quite simple to do though it may look complicated!

I created a short video you can watch. For the purpose of making this a bit easier! Feel free to watch it over and over until you’re confident. 

Prior to baking your stromboli, grab a knife.

You will want to poke holes and light slits in the top! This will allow it to breathe! Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown!

Personally, i am not a big fan of the egg wash. I prefer to glaze it with olive oil and pecorino Romano after it comes out of the oven! 

Calzone Stromboli Difference Summary

I hope this post has resolved what the difference is?

They are world’s apart.

Take advantage of how simple these foods are to prepare at home.

They are a great way to get the family and kids involved.

Something my kids and i always enjoyed doing! Food always brings people together! 

If you’re not certain about something feel free to leave a comment or reach out! I will always answer and try to help with any issues! To get a little deeper in the knowledge of old world Brooklyn pizza check out this post.

Calzone Stromboli Difference Stromboli on pizza peel