Stuffed Philly Cheese steak Pizza

Stuffed Philly cheesestae

The stuffed Philly definitely is rather new, it hit the scene about a good 10 years  back.

It’s  really is not found in many pizzerias.

It’s  for that reason i wanted to share this recipe. For anyone who owns a pizzeria that might be stuck for some ideas.

As well as anyone looking for something new to try, a little less conventional. 

In this post we will go into detail on how to make a stuffed Philly cheese steak pizza.

How To Make Stuffed Philly Cheese steak Pizza 

This Recipe is really geared toward pizzerias or those wanting general knowledge on how this specialty  pizza is actually prepared.

It’s Certainly a bit more complex then making a Stromboli or calzone! What really makes it difficult to make at home is it has to brown on the bottom. 

In Pizzeria’s we cook it in a 500 degree oven. And remove it from the pan. Once that’s done we place it directly on the slate to brown the bottom!  

We will alter the baking at the end of the post to accommodate the end result for those wanting to try this at home. 

Stuffed Philly Cheese Steak Pizza in Steps

To Begin this recipe you will need to do some prep in advance! Begin with cooking your cheese steak. I would advise you season the meat and add Peppers, Mushrooms, and onion. You can substitute these ingredients to your liking. 

  •  2 pizza dough’s about a pound and 1/4 each
  • a thick round 16 inch pan greased 
  • rib eyes steak shredded and grilled 
  • olive oil or a cooking oil with a brush
  • oregano about 3 ounces 
  • pecorino  romano 
  • About 3 pounds of mozzarella
  • 4 cheeses of your choice generally we use sharp cheddar
  • yellow and white american
  • provolone (all chopped together)
  • rolling pin

Stuffed Philly Cheese Steak Pizza with images

Now that the prep is out of the way. We will begin  to stretch out our first pizza dough evenly and lay it in the greased pan. The pan should be at least an inch high. The thicker the pan the better for this recipe. 

The diagram above pretty much explains all the steps required! What it does not show is after adding the blended cheeses to add at least another pound of mozzarella. Once you have added the second dough here is where a rolling  pin will be required. If you do not  have one then improvise.

Keep in mind that you can make this a stuffed white broccoli, a stuffed cacciatore. I have made them with potatoes chicken, cheddar and bacon. Its entirely in your discretion!

The stuffed pizza now needs a glaze of oil over the top. Use a brush and dip it in the oil and glaze the entire top of the pie.

Another thing to consider is to make certain to  tear a small hole in the center so it can breathe. 

Baking Your stuffed Philly Cheese steak pizza

So now you want to add a generous amount of pecorino Romano cheese to the top of the pie. Once that’s done grab the oregano and add that to the top of the pizza as well. It should look something like this!


stuffed Philly Cheese steak pizza ready for the oven.

The pie usually takes a good 12 minutes at 500 degrees in a pizza oven,  before it begins to brown over the top. In that time I rotate the pizza 180 degrees once so it cooks evenly. Personally i like it a bit more then golden brown. I lean more towards the well done side. 

Now that your pie has browned sufficiently, you will need a long spatula to slide under the pan. It should be 6  to 8 inches in length.

Pull the pie toward you and slide the spatula under it. Lift it up about 4 inches and slide the pizza paddle under the spatula. The quicker the better. 

To complete the process place it directly on the slate. Your pizza should look something like this. Allow it to brown on the slate for only about a minute and thirty seconds.

Stuffed Philly Cheese Steak pizza on pizza slate in oven
Cooking directly on the slate!

The image above is the end product before its removed from the oven. At which point i leave it to cool and settle 20 minutes before cutting for the display case.

Baking the stuffed Philly Cheese steak at home

To make this recipe at home simply, follow all the same directions in this post. The only difference is you will bake it at 375 degrees.  Make sure to preheat your oven first. When it is a darker brown, and you see the hole you created to allow it to breathe bubbling, it’s ready! About 30 to 35 minutes. All oven times tend to vary. 

Allow the Pizza to cool at least ten minutes or so before cutting it. If You have blended all the cheeses together it will have an amazing flavor.

You can serve a side of barbecue sauce on the side a good marinara,  or a side of ranch. This pie really does not need any of that.

I have noticed there are those who ask.  Today the younger generation asks for ranch all day,  everyday with everything.

  Let me know how it turns out! Would love your feedback! 

Stuffed Philly Cheese steak pizza on display in a pizzeria
The art of pizza making!!

Definitely take pride in my work! The customer’s agree…