Things to Make with Pizza Dough

Things to Make with Pizza Dough 1

Ever wonder what things to make with pizza dough that you cant bring yourself to get rid of?

Read on and find out!

Everyone one knows that the quality of pizza is defined by its crust.

Once you get the crust right, everything else just falls into place.

pizza dough

So if we all agree that pizza crust is this premium quality commodity, then why should we limit our options.

Why stop at pizza, why not try different delicacies?

I know, I know, it’s an excellent idea right?

I know, it’s why I exist: to bring you solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had.

So if you’re still wondering what exactly I’m talking about, relax, today is the you find out different things you can do with pizza dough.

While pizza dough can be readily bought from the store, you can make your own pizza dough at home if you want.

All you need is some all-purpose flour, some sugar, some salt, yeast (depending on what you’re making with it), warm water and olive oil.

If you need a little more information on how to prepare your own pizza dough, you can check out this recipe from Sugar Spun Run.

If you, like thousands of others in the world, who do not have the time make yours, just get ready made pizza dough from your local grocery store. Try pizzeria’s in your area that you frequent most. It is very likely they will always sell their dough to a familiar face.

Now let’s get to the good part!

Different Foods You Can Make with Pizza Dough

Calzones – This is certainly a favorite among many! Commonly called a “Cheese Turnover”. Made with pizza dough and 3 Cheeses. The first is mozzarella. Ricotta, and pecorino romano.

One thing that really takes the calzone to another level is to fry them as well. Commonly served with a good marinara sauce, this is one i have to say i indulge with once in a while. I have a post on Calzone Stromboli difference with videos that will walk you through the whole process.

Things To make With Pizza Dough –Pizza Waffles

things to make with pizza dough pizza waffle

So, you didn’t think this was possible?

Well, think again. You can make delicious waffles from good old pizza dough. Not only do pizza dough waffles taste amazing, they take a lot less time to prepare.

So, for those of you who are thinking of trying this out, here’s a short list of things that you will need:
⦁ Pizza dough
⦁ Butter
⦁ Sugar
⦁ Syrup or your favorite honey

Once you have all of these prepped and ready, simply follow the steps below and you’ll be enjoying sweet, fluffy waffles that do not shrink under the effect of heat.

⦁ Pre heat your waffle iron and unroll your pizza dough
⦁ Mix your butter, sugar and cinnamon in a bowl (you can add any other spice you like to the mix) until they’re perfectly blended
⦁ Roll out your pizza dough until they’re even across the with. Make the edges a little tighter.
⦁ Spread the mixture evenly across your pizza dough
⦁ Cut the dough into smaller pieces that can fit into your waffle iron.
⦁ Wait for waffle to cook completely and,
⦁ Serve as desired.

The best part about pizza dough waffle is that you can eat in so many ways. You can try eating it alone, or you can switch it up with eggs, chicken, maple syrup, pizza sauce.

Whichever way to decide to eat pizza dough waffles, one thing remains the same: it’s delicious.

Traditional Zeppole Recipe

These wonderfully tasting Italian doughnuts are another wonderful dessert to try out with pizza dough.

Things to make with pizza dough Zeppole

Zeppole take a little longer than the average dessert to make from scratch. But with pizza dough, you already get a head start.

To make the perfect pizza dough zeppole, all you’ll need is:

1. High gluten flour or all purpose (2 cups )
2. Yeast 1 teaspoon of active dried yeast
3. Sugar 1 Tablespoon
4. Frying oil
5. Water 1 Cup (warm) 6 . Powdered sugar confectionery 7. One tablespoon of olive oil

To make the perfect pizza dough zeppole, follow these simple steps:
⦁ Add water and yeast sugar and salt to a bowl and mix thoroughly.
⦁ Allow for this process 5 minutes. We are activating the yeast.
⦁ In a large bowl combine the flour and yeast mixture along with olive oil
⦁ Stir everything together with a wooden spoon till you get a nice sticky consistency
⦁ Now find a nice warm spot and cover with Saran Wrap for about an hour or 2 depending on how warm it is in your kitchen.
⦁ Once you notice the mixture rising to the top i would recommend placing a tray underneath to capture the excess.
⦁ Preheat your oil to 350 and grab a tablespoon. Drop them close to the oil to avoid any splatter and keep them uniform if possible. So they fry evenly.
⦁ Turn the zeppole until both sides are fluffy and golden brown. Give them about 4 – 5 minutes to properly fry, else you might end up with desert that’s not cooked all the way through. Turning once at 2 minutes.
⦁ Take them out of the fryer and place them in a strainer or some paper towels to soak up any excess oil.

Dressing Up Your Zeppoles

You can decide to roll your pizza dough in sugar or put some toppings (like whipped cream, cherries etc.) on the zeppole, or you can decide to eat them plain. At the end of the day, its you who gets to decide how you enjoy your wonderful pizza dough dessert.

If you wanna go the extra mile and have these products available, go ahead and grab some sugar on a medium to low heat and caramelize it!

Now add some vanilla extract to that mixture and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Maybe a little more then a sprinkle!

Keep stirring it until everything solidifies. Now take that and drizzle it all over the Zeppoles and blast that with confectionery sugar!

That is how we served them in Brooklyn. Again. only if you’re the type to wanna do a little extra.

Garlic knots pizzeria style

When it come’s to garlic knots there are literally dozens of ways to make them. Here i will go into a way that many pizzerias use to often, We have to reheat them throughout the day. Some things you will need.

⦁ Pizza dough
⦁ Butter 3 tablespoons
⦁ Fresh minced garlic (not the jarred) about 3 table spoons
⦁ Olive oil about 6 ounces
⦁ Vegetable or sunflower oil 12 ounces.

Preheat your oven to 375 first. Find a baking tray and lightly grease the bottom with sunflower oil.

Take a rolling pin and roll out your dough evenly!

Cut your dough into strips and begin to create your knot’s. It really is a fairly simple process. Roll the dough and wrap it around 2 of your fingers. Pull it up as it returns to the middle and place in the greased pan.

Repeat this process until your pan is filled and do your best to maintain the size of the knots so they are consistent. This will help with proofing and even cooking!

Wrap the tray with saran wrap and allow it to proof until it doubles in size. Depending on the time of year and temperature in your kitchen i would wait an hour.

All that is left to do is bake them until they are golden brown! I would say depending on your oven about 20 minutes should be about right. Once they have cooled separate the knots and add to a large bowl!

While the knots are cooling grab a sauté pan and ad your oil garlic. salt, and pepper to taste and butter! Just before the garlic begins to brown take it off the burner and add the your warm separated knots! To this you will add a generous amount of Romano cheese and fresh parsley.

i generally take the bowl and mix the knots by flipping them around carefully! There you have it. Find a really good marinara and enjoy!

garlic knots

While we’ve put in our best effort to tell you about these wonderful pizza dough recipes, we agree that they might not be extensive enough for some of us. So, if you need to know more about these wonderful food ideas you can try out with pizza dough, there are a lot of wonderful recipes online that you could choose from. Whichever one works for you; all that matter is that we’ve been able to help you see that pizza dough is so much more than pizza. So much more.